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New work permit was approved

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Michael Jiang
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Dear community members, let's congratulate Tyler on his getting work permit from Jiangxi Province, China. For those who have not got the opportunity yet, please keep applying.

The Bridge to Success LLC will try best to serve every member in this community. We will work with more institutions and create more opportunities for our members.

Feel free to let us know if we can do anything better to serve our community.

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Tyler Lopez
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It’s been a lot of work but excited to go. There have been a lot of changes due to covid, as the time to submit paperwork has extended considerably, yet the progress has been steady. Hope to see other teachers in China.

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Jheffrey Oca
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@tyjlopez good day Sir. I think we will be in the same University. I also got my Z visa and work permit notification and now preparing for my flight from Hanoi to Hong Kong then Hong Kong to Mainland China. Can I add you in wechat? here is my id johnrules04 

Thanks and regards! 

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