Who we are?

The Bridge to Success was created by Michael Jiang, who has more than 10 years of international recruitment experience.

Mr. Jiang is a seasoned visionary and an executive/strategic leader at international recruitment.

What we do?

The Bridge to Success serves as a bridge to facilitate the academic and education exchanges between countries across the world.

 The Bridge to Success provides qualified applicants with the opportunity to work as foreign language teachers/ESL teachers and academic teachers (Engineering, Mathematics, Science, Special Education), or as requested by various institutions within our global network.

Why Us? 

As insightful and enlightened global international recruitment leaders, we are an ambitious team consisting of a multicultural background. This diverse background uplifts our cause and forms a strong base in elite education from both the East and the West.

    Our focused strategic vision aids us as we always strive to give schools, faculty, and students an unparalleled experience that is coupled with unique global opportunities which will surely appeal to all.

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