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My experience with Mr. Jiang leaves nothing to be desired. He helped me arrange interviews and found me a good fit. After I got an offer, he made sure I could promptly start the visa process. He is very communicative and attentive. The Bridge to Success is an amazing company that has helped me find my path to teach in China. I cannot recommend it enough.

Emilia Alcala
UNAM (National Autonomous University of Mexico), BA

Peking University, MA

The Bridge to Success and Michael Jiang have been so nice during the process to get a teaching position in China. It is clear to me that they consider your profile along with university needs to match the right choice for teachers and academic institutions. Michael couldn’t be more professional every time you need advice during the hiring process. I can honestly say that this company is indeed a real bridge to success to participants in search of a teaching position in China. Come to teach in China through Michael Jiang and The Bridge to Success. Enjoy kind people, amazing food, and extraordinary places.
Omar Hernández Báez
Universidad Veracruzana
I am having the time of my life, thanks to dedication of Mr. Michael Jiang! I have been successfully paired with a University which best suited my qualifications and interests. Now, I have the pleasure of teaching an amazing set of students alongside others who have also decided to pursue their love of teaching in the scenic and well-developed People's Republic of China. My experience with Bridge to Success has been an exceptional one!
Tamara J Savoury
The Univeristy Of the West Indies
Mr. Michael Jiang and Bridge to Success were fantastically helpful to me and my career advancement. He was courteous, informative, and knowledgeable about all parts of the job hunting process, and very well-connected. He was available at all hours for contact, which fit my very hectic schedule. I can't recommend this company highly enough. Any graduate looking at the possibility of working in China should make contact with Bridge to Success as soon as possible.
Rob Schroeder
Ohio University
I found work in China through Michael Jiang and the Bridge to Success program. He helped me so much through the process of obtaining a teaching position at Henan Polytechnic University, the visa process, and even settling into my new home. I would highly recommend this program for anyone looking to experience a new culture and further their careers
Adam Swan
California State University Fresno
Bridge to Success LLC has helped me gain the opportunity to explore and discover China, while also pursuing a teaching career. Thanks to the helpfulness of this organization I am able to gain a lot of experience teaching English as a foreign language to my students. The opportunity to work with Henan Polytechnic University has given me a lot of opportunities, friends, and cultural experiences that I will enjoy for a long time.
Jamillah Sleiman
Wichita State University
Teaching in China with The Bridge to Success has been the best decision I have ever made, I have been placed in a wonderful university in the Henan province; the experience has been so fulfilling and I would encourage any perspective teachers to embrace this amazing opportunity
Rose-Ann Murray
University of the West Indies
The Bridge to Success is a great program to allow individuals to explore job opportunities overseas, specifically in China. Mr. Jiang helped me apply for a working visa in China. He was extremely helpful and encouraging throughout the process. Teaching in China has allowed me to experience different cultures and languages. Working with The Bridge to Success was a great decision for both my career and personal growth. Highly recommend.
Peter Forsberg
Fairfield University
As a recent graduate of the University of the West Indies Cave Hill Campus, I can say my experience with the Bridge to Success LLC have been a very pleasant one. From the very first email showing my interest in becoming a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) teacher, Mr. Jiang has been very thorough, clear and concise each step of the process. Within hours of sending my first email, I received instructions about vacancies and what I would need to become a TEFL teacher. I am delighted with the professional and dedicated service of the Bridge to Success LLC. I have no hesitation in recommending the Bridge to Success LLC anyone who wants to teach English as a foreign and to experience Chinese culture first hand.
Shekera Boyce
University of the West Indies
Thanks to Michael Jiang and the Bridge to Success, I experienced a wonderful and eye opening opportunity to work and live in China. His dedication to finding me a great university to work with and his patience to help me get through the whole paperwork process and transition to China was amazing. With his hard work I was able to teach some of the most amazing students, make amazing new friends, meet great coworkers, and gain first hand experience in a culture rich city with kind and welcoming people. Thanks to the Bridge to Success, I'll be able to look back on this time of my life and be glad that I stepped out of my comfort zone and gained an experience that went beyond my wildest dreams.
Danielle Leslie
Rowan University
I would like to thank you, the Bridge to Success, for always showing enthusiasm and being willing to motivate me and lift me up.

As an Algerian, I am tremendously thrilled and happy to have encountered The Bridge to Success! Although at the beginning, I dare say I did not take things very seriously, I changed my mind completely as time went by! Indeed, I admire your drive and dedication to getting the job done so professionally. Your insights and instructions are always appreciated.

You kept pushing me to accomplish as much as possible and pursue my dream. For those international candidates who are still reluctant, I tell them to never miss such an opportunity! Go for it! Thank you very much the Bridge to Success

Brahim Seddik
University of Istanbul/ Turkey
I am delighted to share my experience with you and express my gratitude towards Michael for his invaluable assistance and support throughout my journey. From the very beginning, he has been there to address all my doubts, guide me through the profile creation process, and provide me with advice regarding job opportunities. Despite my limited experience, it has meant a lot to me that someone believes in my work. Thanks to Michael's kind management, I can now proudly say that I have secured a job at Jilin Normal University. Currently, I am in the process of completing the necessary formalities, but if everything goes according to plan, I will be working in China in a couple of months. I highly recommend The Bridge Success because I firmly believe it represents an opportunity to expand horizons and immerse oneself in new cultures. The support I have received so far has given me the confidence to take this exciting step forward. I cannot thank The Bridge Success team enough for providing me with this opportunity. Your professionalism, dedication, and guidance have been instrumental in my journey towards this new chapter in my career. I have full confidence that The Bridge Success will continue to be a trusted platform for those seeking to explore the international job market and discover new perspectives. Thank you once again for your unwavering support. I am thrilled about what the future holds and grateful to have The Bridge Success as my ally!
Francisca Rioseco
Universidad San Sebastian


The State of CT has only a few RN Nursing Education programs and retiring of older RN’s for several years resulted in a tremendous shortage of RN’s. This coupled with young women deciding to enter the work force as architects, engineers, researchers, accountants, attorneys and the expansion of many hospitals, surgical centers and clinics made a nursing shortage more acute than during WWII, Korea and the Vietnam War combined.

For over 50 years my family and I built and managed 5 Skilled Nursing Facilities. (Almost 800 beds) I personally was the administrator in 3 family owned facilities and 2 corporate owned facilities during that time. Recruiting, hiring and maintaining RN’s was always a priority for each facility administrator and the Dir. of Nursing Services (DNS). It became a very time consuming task.
After much research we decided to hire foreign RN’s to fill the many RN positions in our facilities. We were very interested in contracting with these nurses for a minimum of 3 years.

I met with Mr. Michael Jiang on several occasions and another consultants to discuss this matter. I choose to have Mr. Jiang be our recruiter and provided him our request for RN’s and he was very helpful in contacting several nurses in China who were interested in working in the USA on HB1 Visas. His professionalism and determination to assist us was unwavering.
Mr. Jiang researched the US Visa process and he was successful in vetting and providing our facilities with highly trained and very hard working RNBS employees. Each agreed to the 3 year contract and one was able to extend her visa to assist us for an additional year. Each of these nurses were of the highest caliber both in education and work ethic. They were all eventually promoted to management positions. They were not only a temporary fix to our professional nursing shortage problem but proved to be a welcome addition to our administrative nursing staff.

Mr. Jiang was the key to us avoiding extra cost to our facilities but even more importantly our resident (patients) and their families appreciated the quality and professionalism of these new staff members. I would without hesitation recommend Mr. Jiang as a recruiter and master of visa documentation preparation. He also was instrumental in following the progress of the visa process so we could better plan and schedule critical staffing. He is a person of great character, integrity and dedication to any task requested of him.

Anthony Simonetti-Endorsement
Anthony F. Simonetti
Freddie W. Litton:
Dean and Prof. College of Education, University of Houston-Victoria

I recently traveled with Michael Jiang to China with the Bridge to Success program and had a fabulous experience. We visited with three major universities in China and made many valuable contacts that have the potential to result in positive collaborations between my university and those in China. Such a trip would not have been possible without his involvement and contacts and I highly recommend the Bridge to Success program.

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