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[Sticky] New Teachers Don't Give Up! I'm Heading to China Tomorrow!

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This is my first time posting on the Forum, so beat with my shoddy formating for a bit.

I am a Barbadian citizen, and I will be working in Changsha, Hunan Province as an English teacher this month!

Some highlights from my process are seen below, from Interviewing to the actual Flight to China.

With the Corona Virus Pandemic, travel is much more expensive than it was before, but it is still very much possible to find a job and then travel to China, even now!

Don't give up! The process might be long, but the benefits are well worth it!

During my planning, I referenced a wide range of sources but one that had quite alot of information was the Subreddit, r/chinavisa.
(Thank you thank you SO much u/tangerinecastle for your Mega thread on the subrreddit You're doing amazing work with it!)

Work Permit & PU Letter
- I began the process waaay back in March, and was looking to be hired for the September term (which I am).
- I was interviewed first by Michael the recruiter from Bridge to Succes, then once I passed that, I applied to schools found here. Of say, the six I applied for, four would request a follow-up interview, so I would advise you to apply for any that fit your criteria. I interviewed with the schools, and then when I passed that, I waited a few weeks or so to see if they would hire me. once I had decided on my final school, they got back to me with the contract and we discussed that for a couple days, until around May.
- Once the contract was signed by my side, the true wait began. The schools in China are applying for your Work Permit and PU Letter around the same time, and it take manweeks fod. In early August, the Work Permit and PU Letter were acquired. The process requires ALOT of paperwork for both sides, so you may find yourself submitting what seems to be identical information multiple times, but bear with it. Be sure to have the Work Permit in Mandarin, for easier application.

Z Visa
- With my required documents (check your respective Embassy/Consulate for what they specifically require) I applied for the Z Visa, as a category B talent.
- Be sure to have a flight path planned out before hand; you may need to fill in your prospective path on the application. The Embassy in Barbados also required proof of your booking for PCR and Antibody/Serology testing in Canada, which I haven't seen as a requirement for other Embassies, so be sure to CAREFULLY check what your Embassy requires.
- Otherwise, this was the most straight forward part of the process really. The Embassy in Barbados said it would take a Week. And it took a Week.

Note: Flight Planning
- Initially I did not plan to transit through Canada, but as of the 7th September 2021, fully vaccinated International citizens can enter the country for discretionary travel, which would include the form of Transit I had to do.
- It was technically possible to transit to a Chinese city via Vancouver (BGI to YYZ to Vancouver to Chinese city) but when I booked my ticket, it was just cheaper, for a flight from Toronto Pearson International Airport, to Shanghai Pudong. Since my final destination is Hunan, I decided on that flight.
- You will need to apply for an eTA or other relevant Visas to enter Canada, but that is super easy. My eTA costed $7USD, and was approved in 1 day. You apply on line and it is linked to your Passport number.

Note: Emailing!
- I emailed everyone!! Everyone heard from me before hand!!! I emailed the Health Clinics in Canada offering tests, from the approved list. I emailed the Toronto based Chinese Consulate ( , so that they were aware of my flight plans, and to confirm that my itinerary was possible. I emailed my hotel before hand so that they would arrange a Taxi to the Health Clinic in the wee hours of the morning.

Email! Email! Email! Important things must be said three times! It is better to be well planned than not!

Almost in Canada
- With gifts of Mount Gay Rum in my checked baggage, I did my PCR & Antibody/Serology test in Barbados very late in the day, on the 7th September. My flight was on the 9th September at 3pm, so I was careful to have my testing done within 48 hours of boarding.
- My test results came back, expedited, that very night, and I applied through the HDC Code website for my first Green Code.
- The code turned green 6 hours later. I was ecstatic.
- My flight was on Air Canada, which required a PCR test within 72 hours of the flight, regardless of your Vaccination status. So with the Green HDC Code I was ready to fly.

Actually in Canada
- I did not need to present my first Green Code anywhere in Canada. I only needed a screenshot of the expired code for my next Green Code, for my direct flight to China on the 12th September (AC27).
- After checking into my hotel in Canada, I traveling by Taxi to my Pre-Booked testing facility in Toronto Ontario. I used Jiang Cheng Health Services. Their staff was very friendly and skilled, and took my swab and blood draw smoothly and quickly. Least traumatic swab I have had on this whole journey lol. The nurse wished me good luck on my travels and everything.

Note: Testing in Canada
- The Chinese Embassy in Canada has a list of approved testing facilities. Use that list to find the Facility which is right for you. Check how far the clinics will be from your temporary stay in Canada and compare which pricing and speed of results would be best for you.
[The link is at the Bottom of this Page](

Final Hours in Canada
- I received my results by email from the clinic in 20 hours, shorter than their standard 24 to 36 hours, as I had informed them before hand, requesting my results as soon as possible, to apply for the Health Code.
- I applied for my second health code as soon as I saw the results, with screenshots of my results.
- I got my second Green Code 3 hours later! Incredibly fast! I submitted all of my documents from my first code, as well as my new test results, and a screenshot of my expired code.
- I had 39 hours remaining to transit to China, and my flight was in 12 hours. Naturally, I was over the moon with joy.

NOTE! Be sure that your name on all of your test results is EXACTLY as it would be on your Passport!! Spaces and Typos and all! Middle names included!! If your booking did not include them, UPDATE THEM AT THE CLINIC. Your full name is your lifeline in these matters!

Currently I am checking into my flight to Shanghai, and then we will see from there.

I will try and update this Thread with my journey through Quarentine in Shanghai 

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them below!

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Thanks so much for sharing your experience. I hope to someday write about my success story.

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